Satya extracts from the unconscious profound and divine truth. She initiates those who are ripe for radical growth by transmuting preconceived boundaries and limiting beliefs into powerful change-making tools.

Always using humor, joy, and uncompromising truth, Satya has positively transformed a multitude of obstacles into the very strength that ignites her journey. With her own successes as stepping stones, she stands as the very lighthouse in showing others how to find their strength. Unraveling the mysteries of emotions, knowing that our pains only ask to teach us about ourselves via direct observation – free of suppression or judgement – can we truly rest within ourselves. She does so by using tools from the path of Tantra, Emotional Release, and Shamanic Guidance.  An eternal student of life, she knows that just as she pushes the boundaries of her own comfort zone, in the same way she pushes the edges of her own knowledge. Thus encouraging others along this path.

“We are all on a journey, but the next step is not always clear. How can I know where to go? Which direction is for me? What is my hearts desire? What fears hold me from my heart? It seems that the heart always knows the right answer, but to receive it one must learn to listen.”

Satya’s Practice

As a dynamic therapist and group facilitator, my routine is dependent much on my schedule. However, I maintain the absolute minimum of pratice with daily meditation and inner child commitment. This ensures that my advice and given practices are relevant to the present moment and continue to develop through tested personal subjective experiences. I am open to discuss my current process with my clients as I believe that sharing the journey is a key in supportive transferrence and makes the most of a colaborative, guiding relationship.

Areas of Expertise

Among the years Satya has been assisting people along their journeys she has had the opportunity to train with some great teachers and has attained the following certifications in her quest to become a world class personal practitioner.

OSHO Meditation Facilitator
AUM Meditation Leader
Family Constellations Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
TLT Practitioner
Inner Child Practitioner