Who Am I?

I’m Yarden Satya.
It’s nice to meet you.

I am a woman who knows and recognizes that the light and the darkness are one and the same. I work in deep connection with the womb, and I draw wisdom, healing, and power from her. I am a facilitator, therapist, and space-holder working with several different methods of healing.

During my sessions and in my personal journey, I work with re-birthing and tools for emotional release, and teach others how to meet themselves in the dark places which hold the fear – places which are an integral part of who we are.

The core of my practice is working with the inner child.
During this work, we are able to return to our roots, to our source – to the place from which we grew, the foundation underneath all of our layers of growth. For most of us, this part of who we are holds the trauma that influences us greatly in our adult lives.

I believe that the core traumas we hold, that we spend so much time running away from,
that influence all of our relationships, consciously or subconsciously, can serve as our greatest gifts and we can use them as guides that leads us to healing.

We can choose to emerge from the trauma, like the sun rising up to bring light to the world. All that we need to do is find within ourselves the courage to meet all that the trauma contains within it.

I believe that the key is always to listen –
When we take the time to truly stop and listen to what is in us and what is around us, we reveal a deep sense of quiet and calm in every aspect of our lives.
I live this truth in my own life and transmit it in the sessions, workshops, and various spaces that I hold.

What I Believe

Everything that was born into our world came from a womb.

The womb brings forward new life. The womb provides everything we need nutritionally, developmentally, and spiritually from the moment we are conceived until we are born.

We hold so much nostalgia for that feeling of being in the womb.
It is a feeling of returning home – of returning to that safe, protected place. In that place, our wounds can heal. In that place, we are given permission come to terms with our own lack of knowledge. In that place, we are safe to meet the shadows and components that we are truly made of.

We all have a longing, a yearning, for this feeling. For the place where there is no such thing as forbidden or permitted, good or bad. Far away from this whole world of illusions and consequences that we currently live in – in its place, a subtle sense of quiet and calm.

In the clinic and during workshops, I return us to this place. I open the door for us to touch and be touched in the hidden places within us that we have not yet been able to see. This is where we can finally access the deepest wounds, and where the opportunity for recovery begins –
Recovery from the never ending war with the unloved parts that live within us.

As I meet with the person in front of me, my work is to connect with him or her in a motherly and intuitive way and identify the most accurate tools and approaches for their healing. This way, the journey that we walk on together will create a space for their wounds to heal and be enveloped in love, and we will be able receive all the information and insight that these wounds have to provide for us.

I believe that when a space is truly held, and learning comes from within – that is when significant change happens.