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The range of treatments and practices that I offer are holistically interrelated. Meaning that they each contribute towards the same result of spiritual liberation. Whilst this is the case, there are some practices that have more specific goals. This is where we can identify the specific areas in which you will benefit most from my careful guidance and support.

Opening to love, opening to receive, liberating to love, heart-opening are all terms used to explain a personal development of receptivity to an energy and information that all living beings can connect. The goal of most spiritual practices and treatments are in nurturing the sensitivities of our real-time sensory information or intuition. Along this path we begin to understand a deeper emotional and physical connection with ourselves. This is the place where the work that I offer here will begin.

Instead of presenting just a list of personal practices and treatments, it’s important also to explain the inter-relation between each one. The ecology of spiritual developmental work in crucial when customising individual practices. Please feel free to read through all the techniques that are explained throughout the website.

12 Session Private Mentoring and Treatment plan

I welcome you into your new life ⦿ A life where your preoccupations are liberated ⦿ where hollow unserving desires are reprogrammed into supportive relationships and a deep content with your directional journey ⦿ Are you ready to begin your path to self-fulfilment?

I have dedicated my life to study and research, and have created a combined method of many tools which can be applied to guide you along your path.
I’m offering a private 12 meeting process, which will allow you to begin a profound change.
This process provides a safe environment for healing and researching your identity and behavioural models, relationships, anxiety, fears, trauma, patterns of actions and more. We’ll examine various issues and then begin a path to a growth oriented change, towards awareness and self acceptance.

In our joined journey we’ll use tools and treatments from various methods:
NLP & Time Line Therapy for deep emotional release and trauma recovery ⦿ Inner Child Meditation, Shamanic Clearing, Dream Work ⦿ Family Constellations

A quick mention about your Daily Core practice

A daily practice is an incredible part of personal spiritual development, especially if one is to gain the full benefits of our work together. So, I would like to give you a general idea about what daily practice entails so that you can feel confident in your discussing and carrying out these practices.

A daily practice can be anything from a 10 minute meditation each morning to a jam-packed schedule of yoga, inner-child regression, ceremony and prayers. Each of my offerings are designed to bring confidence and empowerment into your daily routine practice, as these repeated activities will enhance your spiritual stability and provide you with the experiential aspects of each practice. I can help you to organise your schedule and advise the practices that may allow you to gain the biggest progress towards your personal goals.