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For as long as I can remember myself the clothes I wear have always been so much more to me than just clothes, they’ve been a very personal way of expressing myself to the world. I’ve also experienced an intense shift in these expressions when travelling to other countries, exposed to new worlds of color, textures and textiles. Through these shifts, I’ve felt a passion for sharing my spirit through the fashion and jewelry I wear and display. I’ve been especially inspired by medicine artwork & designs that connect us to tribal traditions and ancient artforms.

This is what inspired my dream (which is now my profession) to travel the world while meeting women creators, designers & artists making incredible things while taking care of indigenous communities.

I’m so excited to share these rare offerings with you, collected from around the world, curated with the highest intention & tied to tribal traditions with rooted cultures.

Each piece of garment and jewelry is a creation of its own:: handcrafted, Ancient incense, eco friendly + organic, taking our beloved earth and her resources into deep consideration.

I choose the pieces for my collection very carefully. I know the story behind each one, along with the artist that made it, the culture it comes from, and the tribe it represents.

Every purchase is supporting the local people who made it.

Every designer offers a different story, enabling each wearer to connect to his or her own unique spirit and express it in the world.

There is nothing that touches me more than witnessing someone shining their genuine light while dressed in my shamanic collection… shopping can be healing! Revealing more of our true essence.

Just as much as expression means to me, so does healing. They come together. And seeing those connections from my presence within a greater vision is what makes me a curator.

I also collect shamanic healing objects like feather smudges, drums, gourd rattles and more, that all have an important role within healing shamanic work.

How does your soul wish to be expressed?

I can’t wait to see you shining,

Shamanic & Healing Fashion Curator