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Client Testimonials

Here is what a few of my clients have said about their process with me

I started my journey with Yarden after years of rejecting the idea of any sort of ​​treatment. I thought I would infect my wounds even more if I started rummaging through them so I avoided the process altogether. After I reached a low point and didn’t know how to get back up and felt helpless, I reconsidered the option of treatment after all my other attempts to deal alone or with medication had failed. Yarden recognized my skepticism and tailored NLP therapy to fit me exactly. Together we went through 12 weekly treatments. And slowly, like an onion, I began to peel off the protective layers of rationality and logic and dove inward into myself. I learned the importance of receiving help, and what it truly means when the inner child is suffering. At every step of the way, I’ve seen the correlation between how good I feel and what I’m able to accomplish, and how deeply I connect with myself during our sessions.

Yarden knows how to personalize every treatment based on what I am feeling at that session, and during our work I learned to release and let go of the cynicism that was inside of me. In my opinion, NLP therapy is an amazing therapy for people who are hesitant about regular therapy and want to achieve a certain goal or to solve a problem that they aren’t able to work through on their own, or that they couldn’t even imagine achieving. The treatment is incredibile, accurate, and targeted, and given by an amazing, experienced, quality therapist. Highly recommended!

Sapir Rutiman

I came to Satya at the end of 2018 after she was recommended to me. I received tools from her that gave me the strength to upgrade my life in ways that I couldn’t have even dreamed of. Before meeting with her – on one hand I knew that I needed a change in my life, but on the other hand I was stuck in a place where I had convinced myself that all was well as long as I could just function through the day.

I was in a crisis in my marriage and felt like I was a victim, doomed to suffer. But following the meetings with Satya, I felt a change take place. In her gentle, sensitive, and accepting way, Satya woke up my inner awareness, introduced me to my inner child, and taught me a new language – the language of emotions. She taught me how to build a home within myself, and in doing so she slowly began to peel off the many masks that I had taught myself to wear over the years. The feelings of sadness and anger disappeared, making way for joy and pride. Instead of trying to change my external environment, we worked on changing my outlook on and understanding of my environment. We did this through methods that sometimes worked with the body and sometimes with the mind. The experiences I had with Staya in therapy were some of the most powerful experiences of my life. There were meetings when I cried, some when I burst into laughter, some when I was shaken, and some when I came out full of life force energy and ready to conquer the world. The process is deep and difficult, but priceless for every person.

I’ve worked with several therapists during my life but I’ve never connected with any of them. With Satya, everything was comfortable from the start and the connection was natural. Thanks to her professionalism, her vast knowledge in many areas, her positive attitude, and her magical smile, I came to a place of self-healing with the ability and tools that I need to continue on my journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Satya is an empathetic, attentive, and experienced therapist. 

She is sensitive and containing, and holds a warm, loving, and safe space

She easily points out the important points, gives them space, and is able to wisely navigate through them. 

She has helped me and continues to help me a lot!

Together with her I am learning about who I am and who I was, and about my connection with my inner child – who I used to be.

With her help a whole world has opened up for me, one that is full of compassion and where I truly listen to myself…a more loving world 

She is a true therapist, simple as that. 

Thank you so much Satya!


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