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The Tools I Work With

In my 29 years of life, I have acquired many techniques that I use at my clinic. But the truth is – none of these techniques in and of themselves represent me or my style of therapy. They are simply tools in the toolbox.

The most authentic tool I have is the gift I received when I delved deeper into my own personal healing.
When I took all of the practical tools I had learned in theory and agreed to undergo a transformation within myself, to understand fully what is happening within me. To experience in my own body the deep healing that I speak about.

And this perspective allows me to perform this healing work for others. In every session, I begin by listening to you and deeply observing, going into your experience, and meeting the inner child that lives inside.

And just as every child is different, every session is different, specific, and personalized – fitted to whatever is the specific need that comes up in that session and to the unique journey that you are going through on this journey of inner healing.

But here are some tools…

Emotional Release & AUM Meditation

I gained the knowledge and tools to work with emotional release during my training as a facilitator of  AUM Meditation at the Humaniversity in the Netherlands.

During the AUM Meditation we go deep into  study of ourselves and experience the full range of our emotions.

Anger, sadness, madness, love, silence, laughter…

During my 6 years as a practitioner, and with the help of this meditation, I have confronted my barriers and defense mechanisms, broken through them, and dived deeper into my being.

Today, I use many tools from this meditation in the clinic and in workshops to enable a space of exploration, where we learn to get to know ourselves within the full range of our emotions.


Within nature lies all of the layers of existence and all wisdom.
Masculine, feminine,
Sunrise, sunset,
The four elements,
The seasons…
All of these and more are expressed and experienced when we live in harmony with our natural way of being.
Bringing Shamanism into my work in the clinic enables us to access and use all of this natural wisdom. We can begin to understand ourselves, the place where we are in our lives, and what the most accurate next step is, by observing nature as it exists outside of us and inside of us. When we recognize our role in the neverending wheel of life, we can make peace with reality and begin to accept whatever season we are in – the low tides and the high tides and every situation in our lives exactly as it is. Just as the tree doesn’t fight against the seasons when the leaves fall from its branches. When we find ourselves in a vulnerable place, it is easier to understand this lesson and the innate connection between us and nature – and we can begin to witness the one network that unites us all, to feel it in our being and to take our place in it.
I have been studying and working with shamanism for over a decade. During this work, I have held rituals, worked with medicines, and experienced worlds that are beyond what our eyes can perceive.

TLT, NLP, and Guided Visualization

As part of my studies at Retter College, I studied the NLP Master Practitioner curriculum, Time Line Therapy (TLT), and Guided Visualization. NLP is a method that allows us to change the way we see ourselves and change our behaviors accordingly, such that we can make changes, achieve our goals, evolve, progress, and create a better life. The method works through the subconscious and creates lasting change by enabling us to communicate with voices within us that we don’t normally access.

TLT is a intense process that lasts between 8-12 hours. It allows us to dive into the core wound that prevents us from moving forward in life and blocks us from being happy. This treatment method is based on the theories of NLP therapy and was developed by Dr. Ted James. It is a journey with proven and far-reaching success, even in cases of addiction and deep emotional wounds from complex childhood trauma.

Guided Visualization is a process that combines relaxation techniques and verbal guidance, and uses the powerful strength of imagination in order to approach problems from a new perspective and bring healing to them. With the help of this technique, we quiet the thinking mind and gain access to the subconscious. Through accessing the subconscious, we receive meaningful messages, release internal barriers, and find new solutions to the shifting challenges in our lives.

Radical Honesty – Group Work

I studied the Radical Honesty method at Humanverisity in the Netherlands. This method is practiced in a group, and enables each person to see themselves in the mirrors that the other people reflect back to them. This group work illuminates everything that lies in our blind spots (the area of the subconscious) – the emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, defense mechanisms, weaknesses, and the characters we have learned to play in order to receive love, respect, belonging, and closeness. This tool gives participants the opportunity to observe and recognize their patterns in real time.

During this process, the different members of the group play the roles of our family members so that our adult selves can see our inner children and give them the chance to express themselves. This gives us an opportunity to make amends for experiences in our family that were harmful to us – experiences that taught us that we have to behave in certain ways that do not serve us simply to survive in this world.
The mirror that the group creates for each participant allows us to go down into the depth of the wound and perform profound transformations there.
In the spaces I hold we work with radical honesty and truth while giving lots of love, support, and attention to our hearts and so that we can truly bring about meaningful healing. This is a process that requires a lot of courage and strips us from the masks we would normally wear in front of the group.

The radical honesty and the reflections that we receive penetrate us beyond our deepest shell and allow us to go into the heart of the original wound. We begin to recognize the lenses through which we perceive life and the people around us, what roles these lenses subconsciously play for us in our lives, and how we can begin to choose differently.
We can then decide how we want to view ourselves and what new reality we want to create.

This is extremely powerful work, and the more a person dedicates themselves to the work, the more they will discover many deep and unconscious parts. Through radical honesty, we can bring our shadows to light, and provide security and transformation to these parts in a supportive environment in front of loving eyes. This loving and enveloping environment allows us to create real change and healing from the source.


If you look at babies you’ll see that their breath is very soft and round. The intervals between inhale and exhale almost don’t exist, and oxygen flows within them regularly. The older we get, the more this situation changes.

As children we do not always know how to digest certain experiences that contain strong emotions and traumatic events. In such a situation, our breath is taken away, and the emotions we’re feeling – pain, retraction, panic, anger – are actually repressed into the body instead of being released and receive expression.

These emotions, of course, do not disappear – they just find their place in our cells and remain there until the moment we will agree to meet them.

Rebirthing or ‘circular breathing’ is a technique that has been invented by Leonard Or.
It allows access to feelings that have not been processed, even to our birth trauma.
With a lot of energy created by breathing we can access the same experiences (sometimes without knowing what they are), express and heal them and allow them the transformation we couldn’t allow when they originally appeared in us.

Circular breathing (breathing without a break between the inhale and the exhale) puts the body into hyperventilation, in which a lot of oxygen fills our systems and there is a release, opening and healing to restricted places in our body.

Rebirthing is a very powerful tool. During the journey, our guards fall, which allows us access to a gate that most of the time surrounds us with much protection, and so it is possible for what really lives in the body to go outside. With Rebirthing work, we can see our inner child, in a very exposed way, and be able to hug, embrace, and give room for all our feelings in real time.