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Womb Royalty Women’s Circle

After many years of working with men and woman as well as my own personal journey, the biggest wound that I know of is the one that tells us that we cannot be who we truly are.
We have this idea that we always have to do something or be someone else in order to prove that we have value, to prove that we are worthy of love.

These are days of global awakening on a scale that we have never seen before. Days when we are awakening to the understanding that if we have to pay a price for love, that is not true love.

With this understanding, we want to genuinely meet ourselves. We want to use all the tools and strategies we know so that we can receive kindness and feel like we belong.

The truth is – there is nothing we need to do.

There is no way we have to act.

All we have to do is simply be, and to feel the loving presence inside of ourselves that we want to receive from the outside.

The Circle

The Womb Royalty Women’s Circle is a group process for women who are ready to go deeper inside of themselves. We gather around the fire once a week, inside a magical Indian tipi, and look each other in the eyes. We will learn to look deeply into ourselves through the loving perspectives of our sisters in the group.

In eight sessions, we create a vibrant group that becomes a pulsating body of power and magic. This space empowers us, envelops us, and isr safe. It is where we can bring all that we are and all that we are not.

Here we validate our own pain and fear, and then we awaken our inner strength and love. The love that is central to who we are.. We will connect to our core wound, the deepest root of our pain, and we will learn how to receive the gift that is within it, how to work with it, and how to shine from the womb.

This is a journey for brave women.