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Awareness, Understanding & Meditation

During our daily life, emotions often take over subconsciously and without any prior notice; in AUM, we enter into each emotion in a conscious, total and present way using the body, movement, role-play and expression. By participating you can experience a deep sense of aliveness, warmth, relaxation and acquire a taste for life again. This practice is a rollercoaster ride into yourself. Your co-meditators become the mirrors in which your ability to see yourself clearly is illuminated. We journey from one extreme into the other, finally arriving in deep inner silence.

The AUM is a process that guides you in a safe and supportive environment through 14 aspects of the human experience: Hatred, Forgiveness, Love, Stamina, Life Energy, Chaos, Dance, Sadness, Laughter,Therapeutic Hugging, Chanting, Silence, Respect and Sharing. We bring awareness to our emotional patterns and come to more deeply understand how they colour our behaviour and every day experiences.

After the intense emotional experience, you are ready to integrate, to meet others and the world with a wholly open, loving heart.

AUM provides an opportunity to refresh old friendships and create new ones. It increases energy and opens up a release of tension and stress. It heals wounds, the body, mind & spirit and connects you on a deep level to your own power and vitality. The end of this experience will leave you with a deep sense of warmth & relaxation that will allow you to meet life with a deeper level of love & celebration.

A Little History of AUM

The AUM style meditation was created by an honourable apprentice of the late Acharya Rajneesh, better known as OSHO. Sw Anand Veeresh founded the Osho Humaniversity in Holland after being invited to Holland by the Dutch government to direct a training program for addiction therapists in The Hague. For Veeresh, the greatest human art was friendship and because of this, he developed a community and a therapy where friendship is rewarded as the highest value of motivation. The AUM meditation is practiced in many countries all over the world as a way to bring healing, friendship and brother-/sisterhood to humanity through the observation of each of us as the vision of Veeresh.