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Time Line Therapy™

How we store memories affects how we experience our lives and how we experience time. Our memories, our decisions, our experiences good and bad are collected here over time and determine how we relate to the world. I offer a very effective therapeutic process called Time Line Therapy for my clients who require a quick and effective technique of behavioural reprogramming, which is an extended practice of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming and takes some theory from hypnosis practices. Time Line Therapy is a given methodology using a set of techniques to bring positive changes on an unconscious level. Thereby modifying the behaviours that we manifest.

I offer Time Line Therapy service to clients who are looking to resolve any negative emotions in their life that may be holding them back. These can be identified in behaviours such as unwarranted anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. We then concentrate on the limiting decisions from the past, and go on to reconstruct our preferred future, the way that we would like it.

From understanding how we store these memories, we can recreate our projection of our future timeline and then progress to remodelling our past memories. This serves to better the relationship we have withou our present and guide us toward our newly created future timelines. I am able to identify and adapt personality traits which allow my clients to build better relationships with improve inter-relations.

Connection to NLP

Along with the common practices of Time Line Therapy, I incorporate standard techniques from NLP. These techniques allow my clients to make decisions that create improved outcomes from reprogramming the ways in which we choose and behave. Ultimately, this leads to personal achievements and improved professional excellence. If you have any questions about the technique of Time Line Therapy or the outcomes that can be achieved, please feel free to begin a dialogue with me here.