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Participant Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from participants in the different spaces that I have held...

Thanks to corona, I received a beautiful gift from the universe in that I was able to participate in the “Inner Child” workshop held by Satya Ma Atmo.

Before we began, I didn’t have a single clue as to how much my inner child influences my life, and what a beautiful and magical process I would go through over the following weeks together with my inner child but not only with her (no spoilers!)

In summary, I had the great honor to join a tribe of incredible women, each one of them a daughter of the light, who joined me in the magical and supportive space led by the amazing Yardeny! It was one of the few times that I felt such a connection, warmth, and love for a group of women that I had only met through Zoom – and when we met for the first time in person, the connection only became stronger!

Do yourself a favor and participate in one of the introductory sessions – the experience in this workshop may be one of your most powerful and wonderful investments in yourself (for men as well!)


I am in deep gratitude for being a part of this group, for embarking on this powerful journey, for the deep inner work that took place in such a loving and held space during the two months of lockdown. It changed my perspective and was incredibly accurate for me. 

Yardeny – you are simply incredible, there aren’t enough words to describe the power of the inner work during this journey. 

Simply – thank you ? I recommend this to all of my loved ones ❤️


Yardeny, my dear fairy, 

In the most magical way, the universe brought me to the beautiful workshops of the Inner Child and Dream Interpretation, and the magic didn’t stop for a moment. Since I met my inner child, she has been present in my life and has been a close advisor, and I have been able to become a warm and loving mother for her with all the tools you have given me. 

I thought I was just coming to a dream interpretation workshop – I never expected that I would enter a circle that would become a home for all sides of me, that would bring healing to so much of the pain within me and would bring me true human connection.

I am so thankful for the heartwarming meetings, the infinite wisdom that you shared with us with so much love, the sensitivity with which you hold the space, for the universe that joined my path with yours, and for the beautiful souls that made up this circle. 

I know that gifts that I received from this practice will be with me every step of my path. 

Sending you so much gratitude, a hug to your heart, and an abundance of magic.


Dearest of the dear ones, 

I am so grateful to the universe that brought me to join our magical group of women…under your guidance, something that I chose to join because it tickled my heart a bit and seemed nice, became one of the most meaningful and magical spaces for me during this time. The practice we learned with you has become one of the most significant practices in my life, and my connection with the little girl inside of me and with the whole universal family brings so much light and healing to my life and supports me in so many different moments – whether I’m in the depths of darkness or the peaks of bliss. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the healing and warm space you held for us, and thank you for the beautiful connections you have helped us create with each other that (to my delight) continue on even after the meetings have finished. We all gained sisters from the heart who now walk next to us, we received healing for another part of ourselves, and we gained a wonderful tool that continues to work within us. 

I love you and feel blessed that you have entered my life. 

Anyone who feels called from their heart – I warmly recommend taking advantage of this door to the heart that Yarden holds wide open. 


Thank you so much Yarden and Chen for the beautiful ceremony, for the connection with the medicine, for unity, for dancing. Thank you, witches of light and love.


I arrived here with a calling for feminine healing, an embracing hug, and a safe space to be. And that is exactly what I found. The work with the body helped me release the mind and its laws. I felt that I was in a safe and containing environment – that I could just be what I felt in the present moment. Thank you for the space and the experience, thank you for the connection with the feminine that embraces, holds, enables, lives, and kicks!


It was simply magical! I came without expectations and with an open heart. I feel that I was given a space to experiment, to dive in, to be whatever I want to be! Thank you for your gifts!


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